Grow Vegetables at home: Tomatoes

May 31, 2020

Tomatoes can be grown in the backyard with a little effort. The majority of the cooking lovers love to grow tomatoes in their home garden to produce fresh and nutrient rich fruits. 

Selecting suitable seeds to your geographic location is the best way of getting started a successful experience of planting tomatoes. If you do not have any idea about the soil chemistry, then talking to a friend or anyone else near you who has been growing plants for a long time is the best way to select the right seeds for your plants.

Try to grow your plants in pots in the beginning for better growth and care. And after growing a few inches tall (when they are seedlings) move them to big containers where they will establish complicated root system. Keep these seedlings indoor to protect them from severity of the climate and put them on a well-lit sill of a window in case you are living in a colder region. If your climate is moderate, then you can directly plant your tomatoes in the backyard.

Hardening off the plants can be carried out by putting them in the direct sun for a few hours in the beginning and increase duration by hours after each day until the plants are out in the sun throughout the day.

Follow these tips in order to grow healthy tomatoes;

  1. Prepare the area for growing tomatoes by spreading mulch on the surface of the ground where you want to grow tomato plants. A layer of mulch retains moist in the upper layer of the soil and prevents from wetting the lower leaves of the plants during rain. A layer of mulch also keeps the tomato leaves dry which is the favorable condition for tomatoes.
  2. If you are growing the transplants of tomatoes, then use pots for a specific duration (wait for the green grass clipping into the soil) to boost the young seedlings.
  3. To grow tomatoes properly you will need tall stakes. Tie the plants to the stakes when they grow.
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