Basics of growing vegetables at home: Digging the beds

May 31, 2020

Bed is a plot of ground in which plants are grown especially in your backyard. You can prepare the soil of your own will that is enriched with nutrients needed for better growth of the plants (vegetables). For better production and the quality of different vegetables, it is good to establish multiple beds because you can grow plants with the same requirements and it is also easy to look after these plants. 

There are two types of beds;

  1. In ground beds
  2. Raised beds

In colder regions, raised beds are preferred. Raised beds help in keeping the soil warm and well drained. You just have to keep them moist, because raised beds dry sooner than in ground beds.

How to dig the bed for home garden

Before planting your garden, loosen the soil of your garden with the help of a tiller or just by your hand by digging and add compost. Smooth the surface after digging the soil well by using a rake and water the whole area. Make furrows (furrow is a long shallow trench or long ditch cut in the ground) at a suitable distance in the beds with the help of plow, hoe, stick or rake. Depth of the furrows primarily depends on the type of the plant you are going to grow. You can easily find the instructions on the packet for the depth and spacing between any two furrows of the beds.Start planting desired or decided vegetables a few days later the digging process. 

If you are going to establish more than one bed, then you can follow these tips for better growth of your vegetables;

  1. Establish different beds for different vegetables and plant only vegetables with the similar requirements.
  2. Make pathways between any two beds of 21” to 24” wide for wheel barrow to get in the bed.
  3. Different vegetables require different depths of the beds, so you need to be careful about the depth of the beds. The depth of the soil of the bed depends on the plants you are going to grow in.
  4. There are two main types of beds; one is the in ground bed and the other is raised beds. Raised beds are considered best for colder regions and in ground beds are considered best for hot climates. In raised beds the soil warms faster and you can start planting earlier in spring. Contrary to this, in ground beds do not require excessive watering like raised beds established in hot climates.
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